About the 3 bin service

Why does Byron Shire have a three bin system?

Before Byron Shire Council introduced a 3 bin system, nearly 70 per cent of items going into landfill bins were food scraps, garden waste and other recyclables.

This was a great loss of valuable resources and highlighted a significant need for a food and garden organics bin service.

Since the system was introduced in August 2015, we have increased our resource recovery rate to 63 per cent, which is up from an average of 38 per cent under the two bin system!

It’s good for our economy:

Recycling food and garden waste is cheaper for Council and residents than disposing of it in landfill. Council can save thousands of dollars a year by people participating in this service correctly. That means more money to be spent on other community infrastructure.

It’s good for our environment:

Recycling food and garden waste through our green bins or home composting is a great environmental opportunity. It saves water, energy and greenhouse gas emissions. Putting food and garden waste into our red bins which end up in landfill is harmful for our environment. When food and garden waste breaks down in landfill it creates methane – a greenhouse gas 22 times more potent than Carbon dioxide (CO2).

It’s good for our farmers:

Your food and garden waste is recycled into certified organic compost at Lismore City Council’s processing facility and then used by our farmers to improve soils and grow the food we eat. How cool is that!

The compost made from household organic material can be used as a valuable resource for:

  • Soil improvement
  • Local food production
  • Storing carbon in the soil

Find out more about the environmental benefits of kerbside organic compost here.

Read the compost trials media release.

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