Accessible Business

Good Access is Good Businessgood access is good business booklet

How to make your business more accessible in Byron Shire – can you afford to miss out on all this business?

Council wants small business and retailers in Byron Shire to be more accessible for people with a disability, older people, people with prams and small children. To meet this goal, the "Good Access is Good Business" guide was developed.

Tradies Guide to Good Access

The 'Tradies' Guide is an invaluable tool for builders and contractors to fulfil their obligations to provide good access in construction. The small A5 booklet, designed to fit into a back pocket, aims to give renovators, builders and developers, simple information about minimum requirements to assist in making the built environment more accessible for everyone, at home and in commercial settings.

Communicating with People with a Disability

The 'Communicating with People with a Disability' booklet aims to provide practical and positive information for people who have had limited experience connecting and communicating with people with disabilities.  It also reflects Byron Shire Council’s commitment to supporting the development of welcoming and inclusive communities for all people.

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