Byron Shire Council Building Certification Services

The development process can be a complex and time-consuming activity with the added pressure of having to sift through layers of legal requirements and local planning and building guidelines. All the toing-and-froing between varying industry consultants, contractors and certifying bodies also adds to cost and time spent on moving the project forward.

Council's Building Certification team simplifies the process and eliminates the need to engage additional consultancies and certifiers – saving you time and money.

A team based within Council's Sustainable Environment and Economy Division, the Certification Team offers a one-stop-shop service for residential and commercial building companies, home builders and renovators by taking care of all certifying and approval requirements.

Services include:

  • assessment of Construction, Occupation and Complying Development Certificates
  • inspection of building works (Principal Certifying Authority services)
  • act as the Certifying Authority (PCA) where Council has not issued the construction certificate
  • building consultancy and advice on the Building Code of Australia (BCA)
  • fire safety compliance advice and inspections
  • swimming pool and fencing requirements compliance advice and inspections
  • assistance with those difficult jobs and problematic sites
  • the ability to fast track and negotiate dealings with other Council departments.
  • Why choose Byron Shire Council Certification Services

Our clients gain a huge advantage because our staff work in a local government environment, and have intimate knowledge of building regulations, construction standards and development consent requirements.

Benefits include:

  • a simplified development process
  • the ability to lodge applications online
  • personalised service that is efficient, cost-effective and competitive
  • flexible delivery of services to customer's needs, with inspections scheduled for a mutually convenient time, within 24 hours of the initial booking
  • direct access to Council's records, approval history and professional staff which allows for the provision of timely advice and assistance on the certification process.
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