Biodiversity and Sustainability Panel

A panel is a group consisting of Councillors and specialist key stakeholders, with a particular interest in or expertise in the subject of the panel, which will assist Council in decision making relating to a particular matter. Panels do not have any executive power or authority to implement actions and all recommendations from these panels are reported to Council via a staff report for decision.

Panels are usually appointed for a 4 year term in line with Council elections unless otherwise resolved by Council.


The purpose of the Biodiversity and Sustainability Panel is:

a) To assist Council in the implementation and review of relevant biodiversity and sustainability strategies such as: Low Carbon Strategy and Biodiversity Conservation Strategy.

b) To identify and report opportunities or concerns regarding biodiversity and sustainability issues to Council including, but not limited too, funding opportunities, special events, government policy, practice or guidelines

c) In accordance with the Environment Levy Implementation Policy (E2015/31373):

  • advise Council on matters to be considered for funding from the Environmental Levy each year,
  • quarterly, review the projects funded by the Environmental Levy, following advice provided by Council Staff, and
  • advise Council on both allocation and expenditure of funds consistent with environmental levy Terms of Reference i.e. by reviewing a draft budget each year and providing advice on priorities for expenditure and monitoring environmental outcomes of levy projects.

2018 Meeting Dates

29 March

28 June

30 August


3 Councillor Representatives:

Community Membership:

    • Samala Heart
    • Joanna Immig
    • Luke McConell
    • Chris Sanderson
    • Peter Westheimer

Staff Representative:

    • Manager Land and Natural Environment

The agenda and minutes of this Panel can be found here .

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