Byron Shire Reserve Trust Committee


  1. This Committee has delegated authority to determine all matters relating to the Council management of Crown Reserves, where Council is the Reserve Trust Manager, and the Council owned and controlled caravan parks, other than those items a council cannot delegate as listed in section 377(1) of the Local Government Act.
  2. The Committee will be comprised of all Councillors.
  3. The Chairperson is provided with a casting vote.
  4. The Committee can determine rescission motions where the resolution being rescinded arose from a Byron Shire Reserve Trust Committee Meeting.

Further information


Councillor Representative(s):

  • All Councillors

Staff Contact:

  • General Manager

Committee Meets

As required

Reports of the Committee

Agendas and Minutes of this Committee can be found on the Council Meeting page .

+612 6626 7000
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