Tourism Advisory Committee 2012-2016

The Tourism Advisory Committee is an advisory committee of the Council and does not have executive power or authority to implement actions.

The role of the Tourism Advisory Committee is, independently of management, to report to Council and provide appropriate advice and recommendations on matters relevant to its constitution .

The purpose of the Tourism Advisory Committee is:

  • To lead and implement the strategies and actions of the Byron Shire Tourism Management Plan
  • Foster links and engagement between Council, industry and community interests
  • Work cooperatively with local, state and regional government departments and agencies, local tourism and business organisations, environmental stakeholder organisations and the community
  • To advise Byron Shire Council in the sustainable development, marketing and management of tourism, including events and other cultural initiatives, representing the interests of both the tourism industry and resident communities across the Shire, with regard for the social, environmental and economic benefit of the Byron Shire community.
  • Act as a focal point (external reference point) and forum for tourism businesses, organisations and individuals involved in the tourism industry in the Byron Shire Council area.
  • Be aware of industry trends and statistics across local, regional, domestic and international platforms.
  • Prepare an annual report to Council, stakeholders and the community to report on the progress in the implementation of the strategies and actions of the Tourism Management Plan. This annual report will serve as a performance review of the groups’ effectiveness.
  • To provide an annual budget for adoption by Council
  • To provide direction to the various sub-committees established by the Tourism Advisory Committee to work on individual areas
  • To consider the reports prepared by sub-committees and refer appropriate policy and strategic direction to staff for their appropriate action, including formal submission to Council.


Councillor representatives

Community members:

  • Kristina Drapes (associated with Byron Bay tourism industry)
  • Ed Ahern (associated with Byron Bay tourism industry)
  • Kim Rosen (associated with Brunswick Heads tourism industry)
  • Cameron Arnold (associated with a small, family type tourism operation)
  • Jim Beatson (community member not associated with tourism)
  • Martin Walsh (community member not associated with tourism)
  • David Piesse (community member not associated with tourism, rural)
  • Peter Ryan (member of an environmental organisation)
  • Gavin Brown (Bundjalung of Byron Bay Aboriginal Corporation (Arakwal)

Committee meets

No less than 4 times per year.

Historical Committee meetings

Listed here are meetings prior to December 2014. Meetings after December 2014 are available on Meetings of Council .

11 June 2014
Agenda 100.68 KB
Annexure 1(a) 226.05 KB
Annexure 1(b) 475.25 KB
Annexure 1(c) 221.08 KB
Report 43.86 KB
3 April 2014
Agenda 678.45 KB
Annexure 2(a) 646.4 KB
Report 26.89 KB
19 December 2013
Agenda 103.67 KB
Annexure 1(a) 415.43 KB
Annexure 1(b) 232.42 KB
1 August 2013
Agenda 60.9 KB
Annexure 1(a) 233.26 KB
Annexure 1(b) 221.55 KB
Annexure 1(c) 216.27 KB
Annexure 1(d) 353.33 KB
Annexure 1(e) 306.04 KB
Annexure 1(f) 424.96 KB
Report 216.52 KB
6 June 2013
Agenda 48.93 KB
Annexure 1(a) 608.14 KB
Report 19.8 KB
4 April 2013
Agenda 62.7 KB
Annexure 1(a) 659.08 KB
Annexure 1(b) 385.76 KB
Annexure 2(a) 206.04 KB
Annexure 2(b) 483.85 KB
Annexure 2(c) 235.1 KB
Annexure 2(d) 199.13 KB
Annexure 3(b) 568.14 KB
Report 25.02 KB
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