Transport and Infrastructure Advisory Committee

The membership of an Advisory Committee may consist only of Councillors, or Councillors and appointed members. The committee have the role of making recommendations to Council on specific matters following the consideration of a staff report at a meeting of the Advisory Committee.

The recommendations of the Advisory Committee are made to Council through the Minutes of the Advisory Committee meeting and considered at an Ordinary Meeting. The specific matters and areas of expertise for each Advisory Committee are determined by Council in the establishment of the Advisory Committee and in the adopted Constitution for the Advisory Committee.


The purpose of the Transport and Infrastructure Advisory Committee is to:

  1. develop and review policies and priorities for addressing the management of civil infrastructure to meet the needs and aspirations of the Shire's population in a sustainable way
  2. review Council’s Asset Management Plan and 10 year works program
  3. review the level of service to be provided by the Council in the maintenance and renewal of assets within the available budget and resources
  4. advise on the implementation of the 2009 adopted Transport Policy (#861019) and in particular its implication on other Council policy, practice, process, operations and decision-making.
  5. advise in development of a Transport Strategy and an Integrated Regional Transport Plan
  6. advise on opportunities or concerns regarding transport services and infrastructure to Council as required, including but not limited to, funding opportunities, government policy, practice or guidelines, safety, accessibility, mobility and other such relevant transport issues.

2018 Meeting Dates

15 March

17 May

16 August

15 November


Membership is to include:

Alex Lewers, Transport Development Officer for Social Futures, attends as a non-voting member.

Note:  Staff members participating on the committee do not have any voting entitlements

Committee meets

The committee meets quarterly.

To view agendas and minutes for this Panel go to Council's meeting page here

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