Bangalow Showground including Moller Pavilion

The showground at Bangalow, it's ovals and buildings, are available for hire. The Moller Pavilion the smaller hall in the centre of the grounds is an ideal location for family functions; weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries and meetings.

A place to meet; to have your wedding, your party. It's a place you'll remember because it is a place of charm. The town envelopes the showground and the showground surrounds "The Moller" a package within a package. Bangalow itself offers you and your guests a place to walk and wonder, a main street of historical buildings that caters for those looking for the unusual and the charming. Accommodation from Backpacker Inns, motels and apartments in Byron Bay to Bed and Breakfasts in town and the hinterland hills.

Contact: Troy Delaney
Telephone: 02 6687 1035

Capacity of Moller Pavilion: 170 seated, 200 standing
Facilities: 1 Hall, 48 Stables, 2 Arenas, Rotunda, 30 tables, 200 chairs

+612 6626 7000
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