Council and emergency service providers

Working in Partnership during Coastal Hazard Events

The Byron Shire coastline has a long history of adverse impact from coastal storms. Since the 1950s, there have been nearly 20 tropical cyclones and east coast lows that have had a significant impact on the Byron Shire.

Because the coastline is important to residents and visitors, both as a place to enjoy and as part of our local economy, the Coastal Protection Act 1979 which provides for the management of coastal areas.

Under this legislation, Council has prepared and implemented a draft plan regarding the emergency actions it intends to undertake in the event of a beach erosion emergency.

This plan is called the Byron Shire Coastline Emergency Action Sub Plan . Under the plan, Council may partner with emergency service providers like the SES in the event of a declared beach erosion emergency or an emergency caused by severe weather.

The draft Byron Shire Coastline Emergency Action Sub Plan (EASP) and further information can be found at:

+612 6626 7000
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