Frequently Asked Questions - Public access to other information - other matters

Council will release owners’ details, if the owner is a business or corporation but does not release individual’s details due to privacy constraints. If the owner is an individual, you should apply for ownership information at the Land Titles Office by phone 02 9228 6666

The Copyright Act 1968 still applies to documentation.  Copyright issues arise when providing copies of, or online access to, documents such as building and development applications, and other documentation received by Council such as letters, plans and reports.  Except for material produced by its staff, or which it has commissioned and acquired copyright in, Council is unlikely to be the owner or licence holder of copyright.  Allowing a member of the public to view a paper document does not require copyright owner’s consent.   However, the copyright owner’s consent is required if any part of a document is to be copied and provided to the public.   If you are requesting a copy of documentation, you will need to supply the copyright owner’s written consent and complete an Informal Access to Information Request .

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