Fire permits required from 1 September 2016.

Fire permits are issued by the Rural Fire Service telephone Far North Coast Zone 02 6671 5500 , Information line 1800 679 737 or 1800 NSW RFS .

For the latest information on Total Fire Bans and Current Fire Danger please refer to the Rural Fire Service.

NSW Fire Brigades districts in Byron Shire

Council has a policy against burning off garden refuse within the shire; the objective of the policy is to minimise air pollution, protecting our clean, clear fresh air and our health.

Burning off also contributes to green house gasses sending carbon dioxide into the atmosphere rather than leaving it locked up within the vegetation and soils.

The need to burn off in urban areas has been dramatically reduced with the new green organics bin collection service that turns a waste product into a beneficial natural resource.

In rural areas, Council also encourages everyone to choose alterative methods to burning off as a method of managing green waste, for example by using the green waste as mulch, soil stabiliser or stockpiling it to gradually decompose.

If you must burn off in rural areas a permit is required during bushfire danger periods, contact your rural fire service.

You must ensure the timber is dry not green and have consideration for the impact of smoke on your own health and the health of others, fires must be attended at all times when alight and extinguished when left. It is best to have a small for and add to it rather than burn large stockpiles.

Treated timbers, tyres, paints, solvents or any unnatural materials cannot be burnt at any time.

If you live in an urban area a fire permit is required to carry out open-air burning at any time . Permits can be obtained by contacting Fire and Rescue NSW 02 9265 2999 or visit their website

The Protection of the Environment Operations Act allows Council take actions if illegal materials are burnt or the air pollution from a fire (permit or not) is having or likely to cause serious discomfort or inconvenience to any person.

Protect your health, and the health and safety of others - keep our air clean and compost. Don't burnt it!

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