Fixing Byron's roads

Each year Byron Shire Council undertakes a program of capital works for our road, footpath, kerb and gutter, drainage and bridge assets. This program includes a range of new works as well as renewals and reconstructions of existing assets.

When it comes to our roads, a renewal/reconstruction can consist of resealing the surface of the road pavement only, or renewal/reconstruction of the road pavement materials. The Capital Works Program is approved annually for one financial year at a time and any projects indicated in future financial years are indicative only.

Capital works projects timeline

The delivery of a capital works project involves the following stages:

  1. Scoping
  2. Investigation
  3. Survey
  4. Design
  5. Environmental assessments
  6. Cost estimates
  7. Project approval
  8. Construction
  9. Finalisation

Completion of pre-construction activities (1 to 7 above ) for each capital works project are undertaken progressively throughout each financial year. This is because not all of these activities have been fully completed for all projects at the start of the financial year.

The contact person for each individual capital project varies throughout the delivery stage of the project. Generally stages 1 to 7 are undertaken by the Infrastructure Planning team and stages 8 and 9 by the Construction team.

The sources of funds for roads projects are not the same and may include funding from the following sources:

  • Revenue
  • Loans
  • Grants
  • S94 developer contributions
  • Reserves
  • Special Rate
  • 2017/18 Special Rate Variation

The planned timing for construction of the capital works depends on a number of factors, but predominantly:

  • impact to the community and residents
  • normal wet and dry seasons
  • conditions of grants
  • location on the road network
  • impacts from traffic from school holidays and events
  • peak road usage periods

Construction in May 2017 of the dual lane roundabout for Sunrise Boulevard/ Ewingsdale Rd.

Funding sources

Information about the budget and sources of funds for each capital project in 2017/18 can be found by clicking here . This information is updated periodically throughout each financial year. Typically this includes after reporting of the Financial Quarterly Review to Council, in October, February and April. Other updates will be dependent upon specific Council resolutions, for example the awarding of contracts.

Future road projects

Council reviews the capital works program for future financial years annually and typically approves in June of each year. The projects for these financial years will only be updated after Council approves its capital works program for the next financial year.  The proposed budget for these projects can be found by clicking here .

Need more information?

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Please click here and provide details of your request about the projects planned for this financial year, or future financial years.

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