Mia Court Park

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When Byron Shire Council sold the Roundhouse site at Ocean Shores in 2015, some proceeds were allocated to enhancing and improving playgrounds in the area.  The playground at Mia Court at Fern Beach was earmarked to receive additional play equipment and a shade sail for sun protection.
A shade sail has been erected, a new piece of play equipment has been installed and bollards have been put in place to stop cars parking on grass at the playground.  Council has received feedback that the improvements are not in keeping with the streetscape and do not fulfil the community’s needs.
Feedback from community has included:
·         The new shade sail needs to be changed in look, scale or size.
·         The newly installed playground equipment should be relocated elsewhere within the park.
·         The bollards be reduced in size or replaced with alternate options such as trees or seating to prevent vehicle access.
·         The soft fall area of the playground be reduced in size.
·         An allowance be made for additional ball sports.
·         The installation of additional park seating.
·         The planting of more trees and shrubs.
Byron Shire Council wants the Mia Court Playground to continue to be well utilised by local families. There is currently no budget for further works beyond what was originally planned, but there is a need to ensure that future planning considers community desires. This survey will assist in that planning process, and will be used alongside information within Council's Recreational Needs Study.

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