Microchipping and registration of dogs and cats

The Companion Animals Act 1998 was introduced in New South Wales on 1 July 1999 to protect pets, people and the wider community.

More than 150,000 dogs and cats are lost or stolen every year in NSW. Many are impounded because their owner cannot be contacted. Some may end up being rehomed or even destroyed. To decrease the number of pets that are euthanased each year, the Companion Animals Act requires that all NSW dog and cat owners have their pets permanently identified and registered for life.

Microchipping and Registration is a two part process that requires dog and cat owners to:

  1. Have their animals implanted with a microchip from the time they are 12 weeks of age, at point of sale or change of ownership (whichever occurs first).
  2. Register their animals with their NSW local council by 6 months of age.

Registration Cost

Registration can be completed at any NSW local council. The fees are set under legislation as follows:

  • $201.00 for Un-desexed Dog or Cat
  • $55.00 for De-sexed Dog or Cat (please provide proof of de-sexing)
  • $55.00 for Registered Breeder (please provide Registered Breeder ID Card)
  • $23.00 for De-sexed Dog or Cat with Pensioner (please provide proof of de-sexing and blue pension card)
  • $27.50 for desexed animal sold by council pound or Shelter operated by the RSPCA, AWL and Cat Protection Society (CPS)
  • $nil for Working Dog (requirements apply)
  • $nil for Assistance Animal (as accredited by approved society)

The above fees are one-off registration fees for each dog cat.

Change of Owner Details and Change of Address

Please be advised that it is the responsibility of the 'old' owner - the person who sells or gives away the animal - to notify Council of the new owner's details. If you have already notified Council of change of ownership of your pet and did not know the current owner's details, the animal will still show in your name until the new owner changes the details.

If you are changing address please contact Council for a Change of Address Form. - Fines do apply for not changing your address.

Also please let Council know in writing quoting microchip number, animals name, your name and contact details and approximate date if your animals passes way.

Further Information

Further information is available from the Division of Local Government .

+612 6626 7000
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