Further review of the changes

While levels of improvement in compliance and few complaints lodged since the changes have been made indicate a high level of acceptance, Council officers will be undertaking the following in due course and/or as required including:

  1. a review of all signs and marking installed for the change to the angle parking;
  2. assessment of where additional spaces can be provided;
  3. the impact of providing additional spaces; and
  4. the options available to utilising the areas where additional spaces could be gained, including:
    1. proximity to intersections
    2. provision of bicycle parking
    3. provision of motorbike parking
    4. provision of additional landscape area
    5. cost of works involved in establishing additional spaces

Suggestions are welcome on these potential additional spaces, especially those that improve use of the available spaces, such as bicycle and motorbike parking. Such suggestions can be emailed to council@byron.nsw.gov.au .

Specific requests have already been received and will be reviewed as required. These include Bay Street and Carlyle Street.

Bay Street

Council resolved to retain Bay Street as a one–way operation. This provided opportunity to introduce parking on the south side, timing of which coincided with the changes to town centre angle parking. The time limit in place (4P) is consistent with the north side of the street. The new arrangements have been in place since March 2010 and have registered little complaint. However any suggested changes to these arrangements will need to be lodged (if not already done so) in writing and will be reviewed on merit. Suggestions can be emailed to council@byron.nsw.gov.au .

Carlyle Street

Concern has been raised by some that the school time congestion has worsened due to the changes, with motorists now required to drive to and utilise the eastern end cul-de-sac turning circle. As with other changes, a review will be undertaken following a provision of time to allow motorists to become familiar and adjust to the new arrangements. It is also noted however that other impacts and consideration need to be considered, such as the school’s potential new access arrangements from Middleton Street following completion of new construction works. Suggestions can be emailed to council@byron.nsw.gov.au .

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