Want to burn in Byron Shire?

  • It is illegal to burn ‘prohibited articles’ which includes tyres, coated wire, paint containers and residues, solvent containers and residues, and CCA or PCP treated timber. The only exception is where the burning of such articles is directed or approved by a fire fighting authority or the EPA.
  • Council approval may be required prior to tree removal, clearing or bushfire hazard reduction work. For information, refer to Council’s Tree Preservation Order or contact Council’s Duty Planner.
  • In rural areas, NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) approval may be required prior to bushfire hazard reduction work. For information, refer to ‘Standards for Pile Burning’ (RFS) or contact the RFS.
  • In the interests of protecting the environment and preserving neighbourhood amenity, consider alternative options such as chipping, mulching or composting green waste before proposing to burn. Should you still wish to burn, follow the relevant process outlined below, before constructing or igniting any piles.

If I live in town

  • A fire permit is required to carry out open-air burning at any time. For town boundaries, refer to Fire & Rescue NSW Fire District Maps .
  • Fire & Rescue NSW are responsible for issuing permits within the town districts including:
    1. Bangalow,
    2. Brunswick Heads; Bayside Estate; New Brighton; Ocean Shores; South Golden Beach,
    3. Byron Bay; Ewingsdale; Suffolk Park; Sunrise Beach; Arts and Industrial Estate and
    4. Mullumbimby.
  • For permit/business inquiries call:
  1. Bangalow
    02 6687 1333
  2. Brunswick Heads
    02 6685 1710
  3. Byron Bay
    02 6685 6266
  4. Mullumbimby
    6684 3786
  • Fire & Rescue NSW assess the fire and smoke impacts, and the risks to people and property when assessing any proposal to light a fire.
  • If I live in a rural area

    • A fire permit is required during the Bushfire Danger Period or when a fire is likely to endanger buildings.

    • Rural Fire Service is responsible for assessing and issuing permits for fires in all areas not controlled by Fire & Rescue NSW. For information telephone:
      • Far North Coast Zone: 02 6671 5500
      • Information line: 1800 679 737
    • First consider alternative methods of disposal. If you still consider it necessary to light a fire, you must:
      • Obtain a permit.
      • Give neighbours and local RFS 24 hours notice prior to lighting.
      • Ensure an adult is present until fire is completely extinguished.
      • Have a plan for the RFS to quickly respond if the fire gets out of your control.
    • If Council receives valid complaints regarding unapproved burning, action under the Protection of the Environment Operations (Clean Air) Regulation 2010 will result.
    +612 6626 7000
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