Recycled water loop extension

The Byron recycle water loop to be extended

Look out for the purple recycle water pipes looping around town.

Byron Shire Council is about to extend its Byron urban recycle water scheme down to the foreshore.

From next week a series of purple pipes will be installed from the Byron Rec Grounds, around to the Apex Park on the beachfront and through the Lawson Street car parks.

Starting on Monday 29 August the works will take about two weeks, weather permitting.

When connected the treated recycled water will be used to irrigate garden beds, grounds and flushing public toilet amenities in Railway Park Apex Park, Clarkes Beach, First Sun Holiday Park and extended the recycle water usage at the Byron Rec Grounds.

The ‘First Flush’ is scheduled to occur in November 2016.

Council’s director of community infrastructure, Phil Holloway, said the new pipes are an extension of the recycled water scheme that started in 2009.

Using recycled water saves consumption costs in high use areas and reduces the water demand on potable water supplies from Rocky Creek dam.  It’s a win for savings and win for the environment,” he said.

The original recycled water supply is in use at the Byron Bay Golf Club, Red Devils Playing Fields, Byron Bay Bowling Club, Byron High School, Byron Bay Herb Nursery and the EnviTE native plant nursery.

Council’s general manager Ken Gainger said the extension also had many opportunities for businesses that had high water consumption in public amenities and irrigating grounds.

When connecting to the service, there are significant savings businesses can achieve. Plus they will reduce their environmental foot print which is a key aim of our Low Carbon Strategy.

“Since the recycled water scheme was introduced, over 1.9 gigalitres of retreated water has been reused and potentially stopped from being discharged into Belongil Creek estuary.

That’s enough water to fill about 800 Olympic swimming pools. It’s impressive!

“Connecting the town centre recycle water loop also has the added advantage of greening our open spaces.

“With increased watering, we can continue to improve our town parks with beautification programs and support our residents’ goal for more green spaces as identified within the Byron Bay Town Centre Masterplan,” Mr Gainger said.

The public can expect some noise and vibration as the pipe is being installed.

The majority of construction works will be undertaken by under-boring technology which provides for a high standard of environmental protection by reducing surface disturbance.

No trees will be removed as part of the installation of the recycled water main.

Signage and barriers will be in place to keep the work site safe.

The high quality recycled water treated at the Byron Bay STP can be used for dual reticulation and unrestricted irrigation purposes. Safety checks for water quality are part of the recycling process and are managed under the Australian Guidelines for Water Recycling (AGWR) 2006.

The work contractors will be onsite from 7 am until 5 pm from Monday to Friday.

For further information contact Byron Shire Council’s systems environment officer, Bryan Green on 6622 7022.

The project is being funded by Byron Shire Council as part of Byron Shire Council’s Effluent Management Strategy.

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