Summary table of Council's coastal work program

Project Purpose Anticipated completion Related information
Development of the 2014 Draft Coastal Zone Management Plan (CZMP) for Byron Bay Embayment To submit a draft coastal zone management plan in accordance with the requirements under Part 4A of the Act for the coastline that is a beach between the south extremity of the beach within Tyagarah Nature Reserve and Cape Byron, including Belongil, Main and Clarkes Beaches, Byron Bay, to the Minister administering the Act by 30 June 2013.

To be submitted to the Minister for the Environment for certification under the Coastal Protection Act 1979 by 31 December 2014.

Byron Shire Coastline Hazards Assessment Update (BMT WBM) 2013 .

Coastal Hazard Management Study for the Byron Bay Embayment

Byron Shire Coastline Hazards The most recent assessment of coastal hazards for the developed parts of the Byron Shire Coastline.

On 10 October 2013, Council endorsed the report (Resolution 13-542)

Byron Shire Coastline Hazards Assessment Update (BMT WBM) 2013

Draft Byron Shire Coastline Emergency Action Sub Plan (EASP) To deliver a coastal zone management plan that details Intended Emergency Actions to be carried out by Byron Shire Council (BSC), subject to the provision of this EASP, in response to an emergency. The draft EASP was submitted to the Minister for the Environment for certification under the Coastal Protection Act 1979 on 20 December 2011. Emergency Action Sub Plan (Byron Shire Coastline), Draft
New Brighton Beach Scraping To maintain, in the short term, a preferred dune profile, volume, beach accessibility and recreational amenity... (Resolution 12-67, part 2).

Works were undertaken November - December 2013.

Subject to funding, Council has endosed a program of beach scraping works at New Brighon in 2015/16.

The outcomes of the program in 2013/14 are detailed in Report No. 13.8., Ordinary Meeting
1 May 2014 .
Risk Analysis of Erosion Protection Structures in the Byron Bay Embayment To conduct a risk assessment of the public and privately constructed erosion protection structures in the Byron Bay Embayment, with regard to a number of issues. The final report Byron Bay Erosion Protection Structures - Risk Assessment , was noted by Council on 28 February 2013 (Resolution 13-119). It is envisaged that the report will help to inform the development of the draft Coastal Zone Management Plan Byron Bay Embayment.
Investigating the Redesign of the Jonson Street Protection Works (JSPW) Byron Bay In 2012 Council engaged the consultants WorleyParsons to undertake an investigation into the potential modification or redesign of the Jonson Street Protection Works, located at Main Beach, Byron Bay as underpinned by a number of specific objectives. The final report and a concept design were endorsed by Council on 27 February 2014 (Resolution 14-166) Final Report and endorsed design (Figure 65)
30 June 2011 Report 12.19 - Results of Byron Shire coastal audit This report presents the progress and findings from the coastal audit 2010/11 and ground truth survey of Belongil immediate beach front development May 2011. NSW Coastal Conference 2015 - Part J Presentation
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