Water Pressure Certificate

A Water Pressure Certificate provides a estimate on water pressure for the selected property. To obtain a Water Pressure Certificate, complete the Water Pressure Certificate application form and pay the required fee.

Terms and Conditions

The flow and pressure values provided in the certificate is a calculated estimate from mathematical models of the water supply system, and should not be treated as a guarantee of supply in any way. These values are not representative of conditions at all times of the day or season and are subject to variables such as proposed system augmentations, variations in system demands or changes in hydraulic operation of the network.

Developers are to be aware that Council undertakes pressure and leakage management programs that may result in a reduction in water supply flow and pressure. T he calculated hydraulic information provided in water pressure certificates is valid for 12 months from the date of the conducted test.

For these reasons Byron Shire Council cannot guarantee residual water pressure greater than 12 metres in Councils water supply main at the hydrant under fire fighting conditions.

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